Vitamin C Oxy Therapy Kit

Vitamin C Oxy Therapy Kit contains biologically active ingredients for treating hyperpigmentation & anti-aging.

Vitamin C Oxy Therapy Kit is a 3 step peel and consists of 4 core products:
1. Exfoliator
2. Vital C Powder
3. Vital C Activator
4. Soothing Repair mask

Why choose Vitamin C Oxy Therapy Kit?
● Maximum & visible whitening effect
● Non-invasive

How Vitamin C Oxy Therapy Kit works?
The whole mechanism of Vitamic C Oxy Therapy kit is to achieve the maximum & visible whitening effect by peeling the skin in a non-invasive way and simultaneously by full absorption of active bleaching ingredients.

Mode #1 Non-invasive Peeling:
Theraderm GA & multi AHAs can open and renew the skin layers from the horny layer to the deeper basal layer. The molecular size, strength, and property of each AHA are different. So, these multi AHAs are peeling the skin in the different layers and attracting hydrogen through the entire skin layers.

Mode #2 Stabilization of L-Ascorbic Acid at pH3:
Theraderm L-Ascorbic Add can be stabilized by the special technological process by mixing the multi AHAs which can help the L-Ascorbic acid to ionize and activate at pH3. So, it enters through cutaneous layers and reaches up to tissue level.

Mode #3 Oxygen amplifying the penetration and activity of bleaching ingredients:
The ionized agents of L-Ascorbic Acid, AHAs, and other minerals interact to release the Oxygen. Oxygen can boost the penetration and activity of Vitamin C, Kojic acid, Arbutin, and Licorice. Also, it kills the p-acne bacteria causing the inflammation in the sebaceous follicle.

Active ingredients are divided and packed in two parts for safe & effective activity, even at the deeper skin layers. The upper part is the lyophilized powder, the lower part is the liquid serum consisting of Matrikine Peptide and Giga White.

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