TUBELiTE PRO Lightening Kit

TUBELiTE PRO Lightening Kit is a Ampoule lite therapy packed with high concentration natural actives for even and glowing complexion.

TUBELiTE Pro Lightening Kit is a 6-step lightening kit which comprises of deep cleansing, iontophoresis, and seaweed mask.

TUBELiTE Pro Lightening Kit consists of 4 core products:

Gentle Peeling Cream
For deep cleansing.

Lightening Serum
Lightening Serum is used with iontophoresis. Serums that are used in this formulation are natural active ingredients derived from natural herbal plants.
Benefits of Lightening serum:
✓ Helps in losing the skin barriers
✓ Holistic skin lightening
✓ Lightening Serum Improves Hydration and moisturization of the skin

Acerola Mask
Benefits of Acerola Mask:
✓ Acerola mask increases antioxidant activity which helps in anti-aging and promoting the synthesis of collagen fibers
✓ Acerola is one of the natural forms of Vitamin C
✓ Applied for penetration and absorption (Occlusive Dermal Transfer)

Spirulina Mask
Spirulina Mask is a 100% dry-freeze seaweed, the natural alginate.
Benefits of Spirulina Mask:
✓ Provides immediate calming and to decongest redness and irritation
✓ Firming action from the highest level of amino acids
✓ Moisturization and nutrition

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