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Aqulift Double Screw Threads

Introducing Double Scew Threads by Alfa Aqulift. Screwed pairs of the mono lift thread accelerate stronger simulation into the SMAS layer and end up forming more collagen. Aqulift threads are CE, TGA, GOST, IMVIMA, and COFEPRIS Approved and Made in Korea by Alfa Medical.

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Alfa Aqulift is India’s No.1 threadlift brand with over 2000 trusted users all over India.

Screw threads are more advanced than mono threads. Double screw PDO threads have 2 single screws as its threads. It is designed as screwed pair of the mono thread lift that accelerates stronger simulation into skin layers (SMAS) and ends up forming more collagen. Hence, it gives even better results than mono threads with a lesser number of threads being used.

Aqulift consists of needle and Polydioxanone(PDO) or Poly-L-Lactic Acid(PLLA) thread. Aqulift is intended for being inserted into the skin, causing an artificial wound. It induces a healing effect of the body itself followed by tightening and lifting effect. Alfa Aqulift threadlift tightens sagging skin instantly with FTC Instalift technology.

● Threads (suture) is of top quality
● Silicon coated needle
● These threads come in an end to end sterile packaging.
● Reliable and long-lasting results

Benefits of Alfa Aqulift threads :
● Tightened skin
● Reduced Laxity
● Rejuvenated skin
● Glowing wrinkle-free skin

Polydioxanone improves fibroblast and induces microcirculation. PDO thread (suture) is a biodegradable synthetic polymer, monofilament absorbable suture. PDO thread is hydrolyzed in the body and then naturally excreted by urine within 6 months. Thus, PDO suture is one of the safest materials that can be used in the body, and it offers far superior tensile strength. The absorption of polydioxanone suture is reliable and predictable.
PDO threads are commonly used to lift, tighten and rejuvenate areas of sagging skin, and minimize fatty tissue. Aqulift threads are approved by CE, TGA, GOST, IMVIMA, and COFEPRIS.

Product Type: Tightening Threads
These threads are available in various sizes as below. The length of the thread is always more than that of the needle.

Gauge Length (mm)
26 G 38
26 G 50
26 G 60

Disclaimer: We discourage any self-usage by the patients. Threads can only be inserted by registered medical practitioners.

Additional information

Weight 10 g

10 threads

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