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Aqulift COG Master Gear Threads

Aqulift COG Master Gear threads are a more advanced version of COG threads for extreme skin lifting with lesser threads. These COG threads are CE, TGA, GOST, IMVIMA, and COFEPRIS Approved and Made in Korea by Alfa Medical.

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The wider and stronger barbs of COG MASTER GEAR SERIES holds the sagging tissues for a long time. COG Master Gear gives a quite superior effect than existing cogs because of the best anchoring and tensile. These are specially designed to give mighty power for extreme skin lifting with lesser threads.

COG Master Gear threads are the more advanced version of COG threads. The barbs on these threads are in the shape of triangles

Benefits of Aqulift COG threads are as follows:
● Threads (suture) is of top quality
● Silicon coated needle
● These threads come in an end to end sterile packaging.
● Reliable and Long-lasting results

Product Type: Skin Tightening & Lifting Threads
Pack Size: 1 packet (4 threads)
Needle: Cannula L type
Size: 100 mm, 19 G / 18G
Advantage: Lesser damage due to blunt needle and smooth separation of thread from the cannula

Disclaimer: We discourage any self-usage by the patients. Threads can only be inserted by registered medical practitioners.

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