Benefits of MediFacial

Benefits of Medi-Facial

Medi-facial is designed not only to relax and pamper you but also to deliver key essentials to the skin. Medi-facial targets the root cause of skin issues and treats them with clinically proven ingredients. Medifacial contains biologically actives that repair, balance, hydrate, and nourish the skin.

Medi-facial or medical grade facials are treatments offered by cosmetologists to improve skin texture and treat various skin conditions. People with dull, acne-prone skin, oily, uneven, rough, and sensitive skin can also benefit from medi-facial treatment.

Medifacial might include the microdermabrasion, peels, photo rejuvenation, LED Therapy, or a combination of these. Gentle exfoliation with skin brightening serums revitalizes the skin giving it a vibrant look.

Composition of ingredients used in medifacial is tailored according to different skin concerns. Medi-facials have more benefits for your skin and are long-lasting.

Why medifacial is necessary?
Medi-facial can effectively treat the following conditions:
• Acne
• Scarring
• Pigmented Spot
• Sun damage
• Dehydration
• Rosacea
• Broken capillaries

Benefits of Medifacial

‣ Suitable for all skin types and ages
‣ Restore and Repair Skin
‣ Make skin soft and supple
‣ Improved skin tone and texture
‣ Enhance tightness to the skin
‣ Keep skin hydrated and add volume
‣ Slowdown skin aging
‣ Improve skin tone and texture
‣ Skin Detoxification
‣ Boost collagen
‣ Boost elastin
‣ Imparts natural glow to the face
‣ Neutralize free radicals
‣ Repair sun damage
‣ Deep moisturization
‣ Gentle exfoliation
Skin Rejuvenation

Post-treatment Care:

After a brief duration of getting medi-facial, avoid the following for getting maximum benefits for your skin:
• Avoid alcohol-based product
• Avoid prolonged sun exposure
• Avoid wearing makeup immediately

Why is medi-facial much better than a regular facial?

• No harsh chemicals

• No downtime, no side effects

• No internal damage to your skin

• Evidence-based treatment

• Trained professionals

• Longer lasting glow

• Unique formulation for medical skin conditions.

• Products are well researched and scientifically approved.

• Hydrate skin making it soft and supple

• Anti-aging effects, enhance tightness of the skin

• Suitable for all skin types and ages


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