TUBELiTE Synergy+ : Original 4 Step Skin Care Platform System

TUBELiTE Synergy+ is a comprehensive skin care platform that integrates 4 technologies into 1 machine to give a bright & glowing skin.
1. Aqua Technology – Hydrafacial
2. OxyGemeoTM Technology – Oxygenation
3. QuaPollarTM Technology – Radio Frequency
4. uCosmo Technology – Ultrasonic Waves



TUBELiTE Synergy+ helps in Skin:
• Cleansing
• Brightening
• Tightening
• Rejuvenation

1 st: Aqua Technology ( Hydrafacial technology )
Mode of Action: The spiral eddy movement is combined with vacuum technology. The water molecules directly penetrate to pores and continually make Brownian movement. Unique TUBELiTE Solutions are used in this step.
Benefits: Deep cleansing, dead cells removal, balances water and oil secretion, improves skin texture
2nd: OxyGemeoTM Technology ( Oxygenation )
Mode of Action: The particular CapsugemTM tip with specific vibration frequency of handle produces countless CO2 micro bubbles. The minute CO2 bubbles penetrate the skin & rupture to trigger Bohr Effect. Hence, oxygenate skin surface.
Benefits: Oxygen content enrichment in blood, skin brightening, skin lightening & skin rejuvenation
3rd: QuaPollarTM Technology ( RF Technology )
Mode of Action: Collagen is the building block of the skin and is one of the main keys for skin tightening. The radio frequency evenly heats the collagen up to 37-41°C that helps in collagen remodeling and generation.
Benefits: Skin Tightening, fine lines & wrinkles reduction
4th: uCosmo Technology ( Ultrasound Technology )
Mode of Action: uCosmo handle delivers 1 MHz high-frequency ultrasound along with products into the skin. It effectively breaks down the molecular structure of active ingredients into more minute molecules. So, they can easily penetrate cuticle barrier of the skin.
Benefits: Deeper penetration of the cosmetics


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