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20% Vitamin C Gel

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TUBELiTE C20 gel has the purest Vitamin C 20% which is L-ascorbic acid. TUBELiTE C20 is a Vitamin C Gel that helps in fine lines reduction & skin glow. TUBELiTE C20 vitamin c gel is 8 times more potent due to a powerful combination of vitamin e, ferulic acid & hyaluronic acid along with Vitamin C.

TUBELiTE C20 “Contact Activation Technology” (CAT) makes the ingredients only active when you apply it on your skin.

FEATURES OF TUBELiTE C20 (Purest 20% Vitamin C Gel):

● Dermatologist tested
● Non-comedogenic
● Fragrance-free
● Paraben-free
● Not tested on animals


1. Prevents photo-aging
2. Reduces blemishes
3. Hydrates skin
4. Improves skin texture
5. Enhances skin firmness
6. Smoothens fine lines
7. Boosts collagen
8. Lightens skin

Additional information

Weight 30 g



Where to use TUBELiTE C20 vitamin c gel?
  • Aging skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dull skin
  • Post-procedure care
How to use TUBELiTE C20 vitamin c gel?
Apply TUBELiTE C20 vitamin c gel liberally on the face & massage until it is completely absorbed.
What is CAT Technology (Contact Activation Technology)?
1. Vitamin C is entrapped in a polymer matrix that replaces the traces of air from molecular
surfaces & crevices.
2. Vitamin C is activated and released only when massaged on the skin.
3. Ensuring the best quality till last usage & faster action

What is the cost of TUBELiTE C20 by Aakaar Medical Technologies?
Buy TUBELiTE C20 from Aakaar Medical Technologies at a price of just Rs. 999 only. Quality is assured.

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