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Lytec Shell

For comprehensive photo & pollution protection use LYTEC SHELL™ sunscreen

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LYTEC™ SHELL SUNSCREEN comes with anti-photo, anti-pollution, and anti-aging features:
● Anti-aging: With the richness of extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, and ectoin.
● Anti-Photo: Protects from UVA & UVB rays, infrared rays, visible rays, and blue light from electronic devices.
● Anti-Pollution: Wonder ingredient ECTOIN forms a protective barrier around the skin to help fight early aging.

● Broad Spectrum
● Water-Resistant
● Paraben-Free
● Fragrance-Free

Lytec Shell™ has a unique PEARL TECHNOLOGY: It protects from pollutants

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Weight 30 g


What is the use of Pearl Technology found in Lytec Shell?
It forms a shell around skin to protect against pollution, particulate matter and harmful rays.Encapsulate the chemical sunscreens to avoid direct contact with the skin.

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