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Inno Exfo Lightening cream

Inno Exfo Skin Lightening Peel is a treatment with a powerful combination of 7 ingredients for spotless and glowing skin by Innoaesthetics. Made in Spain.

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Inno Exfo Lightening Cream is also known as Inno Yellow Peel. It has Powerful synergistic action on moderate photo ageing and fine lines associated with mild epidermal pigmentations. It is a skin lightening peel with a powerful combination of 7 ingredients which helps to get spotless & glowing skin with light skin tone & relief from sun tan.

Since its launch more than 2 lakh Inno Exfo Peel Treatments have been completed all over India.

What is Yellow Peel Lightening Cream?
It is a Vitamin A type peel for professional treatment. Inno Lightening cream has a gentle epidermic peeling effect and excellent rejuvenation effect by powerful anti-oxidation.

Innoaesthetics Lightening Cream is manufactured with a state-of-the-art technology that achieves better penetration of the actives through the stratum corneum:
Imitates the physical-chemical characteristics of the epidermis
Overcomes the skin resistance without damaging it
Delivers the ingredients into cells where they have the maximum therapeutic effect for skin recovery
Ensures product stability and protects from degradation
There is visible peeling from day 2 up to day 7 after application of peel. Then, new skin appears which is lighter in colour & more youthful. It is also recommended for treating moderate photo ageing.
pH of inno exfo lightening cream is 1.8 to 2.3

Inno Exfo Peel Ingredients:
1. Lactic Acid: Effective exfoliator, Removes the outer layer of skin and also hydrates
2. Salicylic Acid: Keratolytic & exfoliating agent, Unclogs skin pores and reduce sebum production
3: Phytic Acid: Anti-oxidant, Blocks iron and copper during melanogenesis
4. Vitamin A: Inhibits tyrosinase, Accelerates epidermal cell turnover, Reduces fine lines by collagen synthesis
5 Kojic Acid Lightens the skin tone by inhibiting free tyrosinase
6. Arbutin: Competitively binds tyrosinase thus blocks it
7. Emblica Extract: Rich source of Vitamin C, Anti-oxidant and reduces photoageing

Why choose Inno Exfo Yellow Peel?
● Powerful combination of 7 ingredients
● Works on different layers of skin
● Enriched with Emblica extract (Vitamin C source)
● Made in Spain by Innoaesthetics
● Smart GPS Technology
● No hassle of mixing ingredients

What are the results of using Inno Exfo Lightening Cream?
● Lightening of melanic and hematic pigmentations
● Reduction of sebaceous pores
● Reduction of fine wrinkles
● Younger & smoother skin

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