iHelmet 36 Diodes(Home Use)

iHelmet is a USFDA approved low-level Laser therapy helmet with 36 high power diodes and mobile app control for hair growth. A must for all hair clinics.

iHelmet is USFDA approved & uses LLLT technology for hair growth. It is good for both men & women.

Why use ihelmet for hair growth?
● Penetrates lasers 3 – 5 mm deeper into the scalp
● Provides energy to hair follicle cells
● Improves blood circulation & nutrition to the hair root to fight hair loss
● iHelmet has shown over 98% overall efficacy in treatments in clinical studies
● It senses ambient temperature and adjusts the duration of the treatment automatically to ensure coherent energy. Hence, each treatment can be customized as per the extent of hair loss area & scalp area.

iHelmet Features
● Easy Mobile App-based control
● 7 scalp areas coverage
● Smart energy adaptation
● 100 % scalp area coverage
● Temperature sensor
● Monitoring of results through app photos


iHelmet App Link

iHelmet app has been tailored to offer you intimate services about hair growth. It focuses on the following functions:

 Customized laser modes: Various types of hair loss patterns can be chosen with the app. And accordingly, laser therapy is engineered based on the type.

 Reminder of treatment: Consistence to use iHelmet is vital for curing hair loss. Every necessary moment, you get a message prompt reminding you to use iHelmet in time.

 Records of treatment: iHelmet is so smart that it remembers every treatment you have done. And you can quit recording treatments on the calendar ever.

 Evaluation of progress: You can contract your photos of the top view, frontal view, and rear view of the scalp among different moments.

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