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D Cool is a no-needle mesotherapy that uses a cryo electroporation system with heating, cooling & electroporation function for effective penetration & post-care.

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INTRODUCING D Cool (No Needle Mesotherapy)
D Cool delivers an electric pulse to the cells and tissues in a brief time and makes micro-holes on the skin surface temporarily that helps solutions to penetrate the skin easily. Heating enables the skin pores to open up smoothly and cooling helps relax the skin by reducing skin temperature and tightening pores after any treatment. Electroporation aids in deep penetration of the solutions into the skin.

• Post Care Cooling Effect (After Laser & MTS treatment)
• Whitening and Melisma
• Tightening and Lifting
• Alopecia
• Effective penetration & absorption of solutions
• Wrinkle & lifting treatment

Intensity 0~50
Mode Pulse+, Pulse-
Pulse 5kHz (Active: 100us / Rest: 100us)
Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 43 ℃

FEATURES OF D COOL (No Needle Mesotherapy)
• Advanced cooling (0°C to -15°C) & heating functions (0°C to 40°C)
• High penetration rate of solutions with electroporation
• Control pulse-type (+) or (-)
• Enables to apply any kind of solution

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