Why people have different skin colours?

Why people have different skin colours?

Ever wondered why we all have different skin colours?  Why we actually get our skin colour?

I have answers to your questions. The variations in human skin color are adaptive traits that are closely related with geography and the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The skin is our body’s cover, visible to the world. Evolution has given us shades of skin colour from black to white, optimally adapted for us according to where we live on Earth. Where the sun is strongest, skin colour has become darkest, while weak solar radiation gives light skin colour.

A certain amount of UV rays are required to synthesize vitamin D to absorb the calcium necessary for strong bones. So, people in areas farther from the equator with lower UV levels, have lighter skin which allowed UV rays to penetrate and produce essential vitamin D. 

How we get our skin colour?

Our skin colour is determined by the amount of melanin we have in our skin. Melanin is a pigment produced by special cells in our skin called melanocytes. Melanin imparts colour to our skin, hair and eyes. Melanin is of two types Eumelanin (brown to black colour pigment) and Pheomelanin (red to orange colour pigment).

Pheomelanin provides red color and is the main pigment found among red-haired individuals. This type of melanin is not as protective against UV- radiation as eumelanin. Eumelanin acts as a natural sunscreen by absorbing these UV rays.

Why do we get darker skin colour?

As explained above melanin is required for sun protection as melanin absorbs UV rays and protect us from damage. So, more the melanin the darker our skin will be and the more protection we will have against UV rays. When we are exposed to sun for longer duration we tend to produce more melanin giving us a darker skin tone. The excessive production of melanin pigment in our body is known as hyperpigmentation.


While there are many reasons for hyperpigmentation but excessive exposure to UV rays is the major reason behind it. In my subsequent blogs will be talking about how you can Reveal Your True Self to the world showing your inner beautiful self because everyone is special.


4 Causes of Hyperpigmentation That You Should Know

Is hyperpigmentation hiding your beautiful self? Don’t know the reason behind this? Well, skin hyperpigmentation is one of the most common problems today and there could be various reasons behind it.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

First of all let us discuss what hyperpigmentation is. It is excess production of melanin (skin pigment) which can give you an uneven skin tone hiding your beautiful self. There are number of factors that can trigger to excess production of melanin in our skin which you can read below.

4 Causes of Hyperpigmentation

  1. Exposure to Sunlight

If you go to sun without sunscreen or covering your face, there is a high chance that you will have an uneven skin tone. UV rays trigger production of melanin in our skin. Excessive exposure to UV rays will lead to more melanin production.

  1. Skin Damage

Any kind of skin damage like a pimple or a cut is coped by production of an inflammatory reaction. Such reaction leads to the activation of the melanocytes (melanin producing cells) in our skin. Darker pigments may get generated over the damaged area leading to blemishes on the skin.

  1. Hormonal Change

Hyperpigmentation can also be caused by rise in estrogen or progesterone levels in our body. It could result in excessive melanin production. This hormonal change can result during pregnancy or due to birth control pills.

  1. Genetic

Hyperpigmentation could also be a condition that is embedded in your genes itself. You could acquire it from someone in your family, who suffers from severe hyperpigmentation. If you are genetically more susceptible to have hyperpigmentation, then even the slightest allergic reaction, sun exposure, hormonal change or skin damage can cause it.

Many people choose to leave hyperpigmentation untreated and ignore its causes. The problem caused by this skin condition is rather visual than physical. You should not let hyperpigmentation hide your beautiful self. Keep reading my subsequent blogs to know how to treat hyperpigmentation and Reveal Your True Self.




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