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Smartxide Punto by DEKA Laser is especially recommended for Coolpeel, DOT Therapy, Periocular Lifting, Scars Treatment, Dermatological Surgery, Plastic, and Aesthetics surgery.

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Deka SmartXide Punto

DEKA SmartXide Punto is capable of treating successfully and safely a full range of treatment from the most superficial (cool peel) to the most complex case (such as scarring, surface pigmentation, and deep wrinkles).

Versatility | ✓ Simplicity | ✓ High Power | ✓ Effectiveness | ✓ Safety


High Power
Deka Smartxide Punto has a power of 50W.

Personalized Pulse Shape Selection With PSD® technology
The four available pulse shape and the Coolpeel mode allow the doctor to choose the right pulse for any skin condition and treatment area

A Perfect Match Between Downtime & Results
Possibility to minimize side effects and downtime by choosing the right pulse, the right scanning mode, and the SmartStack function.

Maximum Reliability
Greater control with minimum thermal damage and extremely rapid recovery time.

Trust In Expertise
DEKA is a pioneer in CO2 lasers. SmartXide Punto is a result of decades of experience.


CoolPeel is a safe, easy and effective way to deliver the benefits of a traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment: by targeting just the superficial layer of skin tissue, damaged skin is removed rea younger and healthier-looking skin.

SmartXide Punto is the only technology that can perform a CoolPeel because of its unique pulse control protocol: the CoolPeel leverages the exclusive H-pulse – a high peak power, short pulse that delivers a fully ablative treatment without any thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. No thermal damage means that down is highly controlled and minimized, while impressive superficial skin-resurfacing results are delivered.


SMARTXIDE PUNTO by DEKA Laser offers Tailored Treatment with PSD® Technology and SmartStack function.

PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) Technology:
The core of the Smartxide Touch laser is an RF CO₂ source empowered by PSD® technology that can produce fractional laser pulses with variable pulse shapes, duration, energy, and peak powers. With PSD® Technology, the modulation of ablation and thermal denaturation is ideal for every patient’s need and treatment.

Thermal Effect
Following the ablation, the CO₂ laser energy is transformed in heat propagating deep down in the derma and producing an immediate “shrinkage” of the tissues with stimulation of the production of new collagen.

The high peak power delivered in the first part of the pulse releases a great amount of energy very rapidly and causes immediate ablation of the epidermis and the topmost skin layers.

SmartStack Function:
With SmartStack Function, it is possible to perform several subsequent pulses in the same place (DOT) ranging from 1 to 5. SmartStack function makes SmartXide Punto one of the safest and most effective system in the market

Max advantages:

⦿ Perfect control of thermal effect: Between one pulse and the following the tissue cools, thus reducing thermal damage and the risk
of undesirable side effects.
⦿ Precise control of vaporization depth: Preventing heavy bleeding, resulting in rapid recovery times and enhanced patient comfort.

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