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Princess Rich

Princess Rich is a Dermal Filler that improves the tone & elasticity of the skin and holds off signs of skin ageing. Princess Rich is Made in Austria.

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What is Princess Rich Filler?
Princess RICH is based on smart technique, the gel is not cross-linked but stabilized by glycerol, a natural moisturizer, which retains water and preserves hydration.

Croma Princess® Rich Features
• High concentration of HA
• High molecular weight for long-lasting rejuvenation effects
• The combination of HA and glycerol increases the hydration of the skin

Where to use Croma Princess Rich Filler?
• Replenish the loss of Hyaluronic acid due to ageing
• Improve hydration, tone & elasticity of the skin
• Superficial fine lines reduction
• Smile lines or smoking lines surrounding the mouth

Disclaimer: We discourage any self-usage attempt by patients. Princess RICH has to be injected by a registered medical practitioner only.

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Weight 1 g

1 ml


Where to buy Chroma Princess Rich Filler?
Buy Chroma Princess Rich Filler with lidocaine exclusively from Aakaar Medical Technologies. Quality is assured. Price available on enquiry. Feel free to contact us.
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