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DEKA Luxea

Luxea is a Next Generation Complete multi-Application Platform with specialized handpieces and tools to enhance the versatility & efficiency of the treatment.

Specialized handpiece for Luxea Accessories Range includes Cooled FT handpiece (LILAC, GENUS AX, VIRIDUS, LAZUR, RUBER), Nd:YAG LP Laser (SPARKS), Nd:YAP Laser (INSIGHT), Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser (PRISMA, FLASH), Diode Laser (VIVID), Er:YAG Laser (ERISE) and Multi-tip RF handpiece (SETIS).

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DEKA Luxea is a multifunctional platform complete, modular, upgradable and continuously expandable system comprises 11 pulsed light and laser handpieces offering a wide range of skin and beauty treatments.

Luxea is the All-in-One Solution for Limitless Possibilities. Luxea is an expandable modular system that combines pulsed light, laser and RF for a broad range of aesthetic and dermatological applications: vascular and pigmented skin lesions, acne, anti-aging, skin spots, and imperfections, but also hair and tattoo removal. Luxea is cost-effective, effective, and versatile.

The Luxea modular system combines pulsed light, laser and ultrasound for a broad range of aesthetic and dermatological applications: vascular and pigmented skin lesions, acne, anti-aging, skin spotting and imperfections, but also hair and tattoo removal.


All-In-One Solution:
A single, modular workstation that expands with your clinic: 3 different technologies, 10 handpieces, > 300 available protocols, limitless possibilities

Remote Diagnostics:
The solution comes with a remote maintenance system based on a certified secure server and custom connection software. For immediate remote diagnostics and quick software updates.

Intuitive and Easy to Use:
Simple and intuitive, the Luxea software comes with tutorials for the protocols, helping the practitioner to perform all treatments correctly and in total comfort right from the start.


Pulsed Light handpieces – The heart of Luxea
The system comes with 5 latest-generation pulsed light handpieces: Lilac meets most patient needs, while Viridis, Lazur, Ruber, and Genus AX are specifically to target superficial vascular lesions, acne, and hair removal in large areas. Different not only in appearance but also in performance, they optimize:

  • Workstation efficiency, for quicker, more effective treatments
  • Cooling, for increased patient safety and comfort
  • Ergonomics and ease of handling, for enhanced practitioner comfort

RF handpiece – For Cellulite treatment & skin rejuvenation
Radiofrequency handpiece, conceived to treat cellulite and sagging skin, is optimized to adapt to every patient’s needs. It comes with 5 different interchangeable tips and a built-in temperature sensor.


• Acne
• Anti-Aging & Wrinkles
• Benign Pigmented Lesions
• Vascular Lesions
• Acne
• Cellulite
• Tattoo Removal
• Dermatologic Surgery
• Onychomycosis
• Meibomian Gland Dysfunction


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