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Inno TDS Slimming


Inno Face Slimming TDS is a lipolytic agent that reduces the appearance of cellulite. A product by Innoaesthetics, made in Spain.

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Inno Face Slimming TDS has active ingredients that are released into the target area rapidly but in a gentle manner with no side-effects. TDS formulations are made without preservatives and are completely pure and sterile. The combination of lipo-active ingredients aids in mobilization of free fatty acids. Thus, it helps in the fat metabolization for best results.
• Induction of lipolysis towards lipocentric
• Venotonic, extracellular matrix regulator
• pH of the product: 6.5 to 7.0

Where to use Inno Face Slimming TDS?
• Fatty cellulite
• Fibrous Cellulite

Recommended technique for how to use Inno Face Slimming TDS:
Electroporation, Dermaroller, Mesotherapy – Point by point technique
Time between sessions – 10 to 14 days
Minimum number of session – 6 to 8

Disclaimer: We discourage any self-usage attempt by patients. Inno TDS Slimming has to be injected by a registered medical practitioner only.

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Weight 25 g

25 ml


Where to buy Inno Face Slimming TDS by Innoaesthetics?
Buy Inno Face Slimming TDS exclusively from Aakaar Medical Technologies at a price of Rs.18,000 only.
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