Modified Jessner’s Peel

Product: Jessner’s Peel
Pack Size: 120 ml Bottle

Modified Jessner’s Peel is formulated with perfect combination of active ingredients for an intensive medium to deep strength peel. It gives the best solution for acne patients by resurfacing the skin texture as well as by getting rid of acne pimples, pustules and nodules.
Ingredients: Alcohol, Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid Peel


The peel is used to treat mild to moderate wrinkles, sun damaged skin and mild to moderate acne. It is suitable for all skin types.
pH of the product: 2
How to use?
Cleanse the face with TUBELiTE Clenz
Extract Acne with help of Needle/ Extractor
Take 2 ml of peel and apply 1 or 2 coats of peel starting from forehead covering first T zone, U zone and then O zone
Leave it on for 3 to 5 mins
Neutralize it with Green Tea Neutralizer & then clean Neutralizer with water
Apply moisturizer & sunscreen

Application Time: 3 – 5 minutes
Degree of peeling: Light to Moderate
Recovery Time: 3 to 4 days
Gap between the sessions: 21 – 30 days
Note: Apply moisturizer & sunscreen daily. Avoid using soap for 1 day after peel procedure.


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