Me Line Full Kit

Product: Chemical Microdermabrasion
Pack Size: Kit of 5 products
Price: INR 30750

Me Line is an effective therapy range developed for ethnic skin like Indian skin for treating skin pigmentation problems like Melasma, dark spots & hyperpigmentation. It is consists of specialized professional care & home care use products that are made in Spain.



Me Line is a complete therapy range for Melasma Management which consists of the professional as well as home care treatment. It ensures the achievement of great results.
Benefits of Me Line:
– Specifically designed for Ethnic skin
– Negligible Down Time
– Good Home Care Range
– Multi Ingredient Range

Professional Products (For In clinic use)
1. 00 Me Line prep
2. 01 Me Line ethnic skin

Home Care Products (For home use)
1. 02 Me Line ethnic skin day
2. 02 Me Line ethnic skin night
3. 05 Me Line pigment home mask


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