Pumpkin peel Full Kit

Product: Multi step Medi Facial
Pack Size: Kit of 8 items

Pumpkin peel kit is inspired by nature and enriched with nutrients for cell renewal and deep moisturization. It is a kit of 8 products that is good for dry, ageing and sensitive skin. There is an instant glow with no downtime.



8 items of pumpkin peel kit:
• Pumpkin Peel
• Green Tea Neutralizer
• Cellular Matrix C
• Pumpkin Activator
• Aloe Soothing Complex
• Omega- 3 Marine Mask
• Biopeptide Rejuvenation serum
• Collagen Dry Mask

Natural Peeling Components in Pumpkin peel kit

• Wide spectrum of vitamin A derivatives: effect on the skin’s retinoic acid receptors
• Fermented Enzymes
• Salicylic Acid

Nutritional Components
• Phytosterols
– Steroidal Saponin
– beta-sitosterol
• Omega Fatty Acid (Vitamin F)
• Flavonoids (Vitamin P)
• Minerals

Where to use?
• Hyperpigmented skin
• Dry skin
• Sensitive skin
• Dull skin
• Ageing skin

How to use?
• Step 1: Cleansing
Cleanse with TUBELiTE Clenz: Gentle Bio – Green Cleanser with Toner. It contains 100% bio- degradable surfactants and enriched with Witch Hazel Extract.
• Step 2: Applying pumpkin peel and Neutralizer
Apply a small amount of Pumpkin Peel cream over the forehead, nose, chin and cheek. Massage lightly for 2-3 minutes. Leave it for minute then clean with cold water. To neutralize the skin from peeling solution, apply one pump of the Green Tea Neutralizer.
• Step 3: Penetration of Extra Cellular Matrix C
Mix 5 ml of Pumpkin Activator and 1/4 sheet of Cellular Matrix C. Evenly spread the mixture on the whole face with brush. Permeate the mixture to your skin by Electroporation for 5 Minutes, and leave it for another 5 minutes. Do not clean.
• Step 4: Applying Mask
Apply Collagen Dry Skin Mask evenly on it. Keep it for 5 minutes then massage it gently for 2-3 minutes before removing it. Then wash it off with normal water. Apply 1 pump of Biopeptide Rejuvenation Serum. Mix 25 gm of Omega 3 Marine Mask powder and 25 ml of chilled water. Apply the mixture over the face, then the cooling sensation will occur. Leave 20 minutes and take off in one piece.
• Step 5: Hydration and Protection Apply Aloe Soothing Complex and BB White Moisture at the end of the treatment.


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