dsHarris – Trichoscope


Product: Smart Hair Diagnostic System
Price:  INR 95,000.00

Dermo Smart Harris is an advanced hair diagnostic system with unparalleled technology. dsHarris can analyze hair as well as scalp condition. It can be easily operated through Wi-Fi and a smart mobile application with multi – million images database for analysis.


ds Harris comes with a rechargeable battery. It is a portable wireless diagnostic system that can
be connected easily to a handset via Wi- Fi.

Two modes for detailed analysis:
 White light mode: Scalp condition and Hair density
 Polarized light mode: Sensitivity of scalp, Dead skin cells on scalp and Hair thickness


 5-mega pixel image sensor with polarized light
 50x magnification for better analysis
 Various image modes with more than 20 LEDs
 Real-time image transfer via email/WhatsApp
 Self-sterilization through UV rays
 User friendly interface
 Easy to feed & save customer data in the application only
 Multi- million images database


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