Cosjet SR Long pulsed 1064nm & 1320nm Nd: YAG Laser Technology for assured results

COSJET SR is a USFDA-approved Long Pulsed Nd : YAG Laser system with dual wavelength of 1064 nm and 1320 nm
Cosjet SR is used in the treatment of skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular lesions and Acne




Cosjet SR is innovative & powerful device.

It works effectively in skin rejuvenation with genesis mode, in hair removal with strong and stable energy output.

It removes hair in 4 sittings.

The smart handpiece changes & treats spot size varies from 2-10 mm with faster and optimal penetration.

Dual effect for double satisfaction

Dual pulse width

1064nm- Energy up to 50J

1320nm- Energy up to 15J

Dual Skin lifting

1064nm- Removes hair & works of vascular lesions

1320nm- Treats acne & rejuvenates skin

Dual skin cooling

Gas & sapphire contact cooling

Dual device cooling

Air & water cooling system


Vascular Lesions


Spider Veins

Leg Veins

Port Wine Stains

Skin Rejuvenation

Uneven skin texture and Dull skin tone

Fine Lines

Enlarged Pores

Collagen Remodeling

Hair Removal

Coarse Hair

Normal Hair

Fine Hair

Acne Vulgaris


Irradiation type: Flashlamp- excited Long pulsed Nd YAG Laser

Wavelength: 1064nm & 1320nm


Pulse energy: 1064nm- Energy up to 50J, 1320nm- Energy up to 15J

Spot size: 2-10mm (Variable)

Skin cooling: Contact cooling & Gas cooling type

Device cooling: Ari & Water- Cooling system

Display: TFT color LCD. Touch Screen



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