Product: Hair Growth & Revitalizing Serum
Pack Size: 60 ml solution
Price: INR 918.00

BALBACK is a hair growth and revitalizing serum that fights hair loss also. Balback has clinically proven ingredients that assure results in just 90 days. It offers excellent results while offering visible improvements in quantity of hair. It also restores the quality of hair.

Ingredients: Scutellaria bicalensisGlycine max., Triticum vulgare, Oryza sativa L.



BALBACK has innovative peptides & patented ingredients that help to stop hair fall before completion of 1st bottle. It can also be used for dyed & bleached hair.

Results Guaranteed Challenge: Arrests Hair Fall before completion of 1st bottle or otherwise 100% money back guaranteed*

BALBACK Features

  • An innovative bio-active that activates stem cells
  • Peptide complex helps hair repair internally & protect externally
  • Promotes hair growth resulting in healthy and dense hair
  • Protects hair fibre and colour from sun radiation

BALBACK ensures definite results in just 90 days

  • 69% Increased Anagen/Telogen ratio
  • 59% denser hair
  • 90% ideal hair care peptide complex leading to 29% stronger hair
  • 48% increased tryptophan that protects keratin & revitalizes even dyed & bleached hair

Where to use?

  • Hair loss
  • Poor quality of hair
  • Dyed & bleached hair

How to use?

Use 5-10 sprays twice/daily at night time on a palm sized scalp area.

*T & C applied

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