Hair Loss Treatment At Home

Hair loss is a big concern, especially for the younger population. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major reasons contributing to hair loss.

If you are losing an unusual amount of hair daily while combing or every time you touch your hair. Then, an expert solution is needed to fight with hair loss. One such innovative solution is Balback: Hair Growth & Revitalizing Serum.

Balback: Innovative Hair Loss Solution

BALBACK is an anti-hair loss serum with innovative BAL (Bioactive Flavonoids Amino peptides nuLife) complex and clinically proven ingredients that RETAIN, REGAIN, and REVIVE HAIR as well as your confidence. It can be easily used at home. It is a unisex product that works well on both male and female pattern hair loss.

Back To Nature: Balback Ingredients

Balback contains the following ingredients that arrest hair fall and promotes hair growth:

Soyabean extract
Wheat Germ extract
Rice extract
Scutellaria Baicalensis

Why use Balback?

1. An innovative bio-active that activates stem cells.

2. Peptide complex helps to repair hair internally & protect externally.

3. Promotes hair growth resulting in healthy and dense hair.

4. Protects hair fiber and color from sun radiation.

How to Use Balback?

Balback is a leave-on serum in spray form. It can be used once or twice daily. It has to be applied on the scalp parting hairline by line. 5-6 sprays at one time.

Guaranteed Results

BALBACK offers excellent results with visible improvements in quantity & quality of hair. The hair fall will be arrested before completion of the 1st bottle itself. Wonderful results for hair growth in just 90 days.

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